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The Real Barbadian People – High Commissioner of Barbados

Recently I was fortunate enough to spend time with the High Commissioner of Barbados at his London office. I arrived on the third floor, on the day the lift was broken, puffing and out of breath to be greeted by the High Commissioner, Guy Hewitt with his great broad smile, putting me instantly at ease!

High Commissioner Barbados

I asked what the role of High Commissioner was. There are many hats to wear he said, eg:

  • Diplomatic Side – liaising with other countries to form and strengthen relationships.
  • Consular Side – for example reaching out to Barbadians in distress as a result of the Windrush situation.
  • Financial Side – offering services to business clients in the UK with investments in Barbados
  • Trade Side – Looking after commercial interest of trade in goods and products
  • But most importantly the Tourism Side – the primary unique market is from the UK.  British national feel Barbados is a place they could live or spend a long period of time.  One third of all visitors have been there before (I have visited Barbados at least six times!).  Barbados is often referred in a positive way as ‘Little England’.

The High Commissioner said he felt like the captain of a large team keeping all things together!

This year (2018) is the Year of Culinary Experiences in Barbados. It is a chance for visitors to discover the people, rum and food. Experience the food and drink in the country and see the diversity of the products t – tourism! The visitor will soon feel part of the larger Barbadian family – with ‘Welcome Home’ a familiar greeting to returning visitors.

There are of course so many sophisticated and highly rated international restaurants however the other end of the scale, the street food, is equally to be tried.

I asked the High Commissioner where he goes for a tasty lunch when he is home on the island and he didn’t even hesitate to recommend Cuzz’s Fish Shack on Pebble Beach just on the way into the capital Bridgetown. Cuzz’s was included in a recent list of 100 places to eat before you die!  It seems like there is a fishing line straight into the sea.  What could be better than a flying fish sandwich, a Banks beer and just kicking back and enjoying the island setting!

Barbadian people grow up with the motto – ‘Tourism is our business so let’s play our part to each and every tourist – there are no strangers just future friends coming to the island!’

Therefore if you are going to visit Barbados take a tip from Guy Hewitt the current High Commissioner for Barbados in the UK and sit by a coconut tree, smell the sea and the salt and enjoy a good rum punch or rum and pineapple and get to know the island and the people!

I was invited to interview the High Commissioner of Barbados in the UK. I was not required to write a positive review of the interview.  All opinions and photographs are my own. No photographs may be reproduced in any form without my written permission.

High Commissioner Barbados


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