Eat well - travel often

About Me

I travel, I cook, I eat and I want to talk to you about my life in and around my kitchen, my family, my bichon frisee dog and my love for food.

info:  I was born in Vermont, New England
USA and grew up with a love of food from my father. We would pour over
cookbooks and try new recipes on a regular basis – quite unusual in those days!
At 13 I had a huge cookbook collection already.
I grew up
with home cooked food such as meat loaf, macaroni-n-cheese, pot-roast, chicken
pot pie, spaghetti and meatballs and more.
Moving to
Italy when I was 17 was like a gastronomic earthquake and after moving on to
France, Austria the Scotland my love of food and culture grew exponentionally!
I brought
up two children who grew up on my ‘homestyle’ of cooking and in 1991 I took
over a weekend cafe at our local environmental centre where I baked all of the
cakes, pies and made all of the jams and marmalades used and sold.  I did this for two years.
I have
always entertained friends and family but my greatest meals were two
Thanksgiving dinners two successive years for 45-50 guests.  I cooked all of the food at home and
transported it to the venue.

I started
writing my food blog just over six years ago bringing together my love of
coking, recipe creation, cook books, kitchen gadgets and feeding people. My
blog has taken on a travel side which allows me to travel and experience food
from other countries and cultures.