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Month: July 2016

July – Bites and Pieces

July – Bites and Pieces

This month I want to draw your attention to some of the lovely products that I have been sent for reviewing. Raw Halo – a chocolate handmade with love! The Pure Dark is 76% Peruvian Pure Dark raw chocolate – made with at least 76% […]

Review and Giveaway:- KinderKitchen Knives for Children from KuhnRikon

Review and Giveaway:- KinderKitchen Knives for Children from KuhnRikon

When the Little People get to a certain age they want to help in the kitchen.  Every parent’s nightmare is letting them use a knife in case they cut themselves.  Welcome to Kuhn Rikon and their set of knives and snippers for the little cook […]

Bake Box – New Arrivals

Bake Box – New Arrivals

I have now received Bake Box box 2 and box 3 to review.  The fun part is the initial opening of the boxes, not know what you will find inside.  There are some flirtatious hints on their page on Facebook to get you excited of course.

Box 2 is called ‘Springtime in Paris’ and centres on all thing Parisienne in the cake department.  There are six fully illustrated recipe cards to go with each of the tools inside the box.

The cookie cutters this month are an Eiffel Tower and French Kittens – oh la la I hear you say!

There is also a calisson dough cutter to make cute little mouth watering almond flavoured sweets which originated in Aix-en-Provence.

As well as the cookie cutters this box includes a silicone mat for making heart-shaped macarons, silicone pastry brush for glazing, small and large flower press moulds and a nine hole silicone Madeleine mould.

Box 3 is called ‘Decorate with Flowers’ if you like flowers on your baking you will love this box. You can really make something different for the weekend to impress family and friends alike.

I made a lemon flavoured rose shaped cake with the silicone rose mould.

Also included is a chocolate deco mat, silicone 4-cup flower mould to make pretty jellies, set of four plungers to make delicate flowers to top your cakes and cupcakes, three sets of flower cutters and rainbow dust lustre dust to add that magical effect. 

If you want to make a simple pie look stunning there is a silicone pie topper with a flower design to cut out a pattern in pastry.

Each box has lovely printed recipe cards that build into a great collection. This subscription service makes a great gift for someone who is just starting to get interested in baking and it will help build their confidence.

What’s coming next from Bake Box – keep looking out for the next installment!

I receive the Bake Box monthly subscription for reviewing. I was not paid to write a positive review. All photos and opinions are my own.

Delish Fish – Limited Edition Honey & Mustard Hot Smoked Salmon

Delish Fish – Limited Edition Honey & Mustard Hot Smoked Salmon

The people at Delish Fish near Aberdeen are a family run business situated in the small Peterhead village really believe in our products. With the fish market right on their doorstep and a shop in Peterhead as well as one in Aberdeen, Delish Fish make […]

June: Bits-n-Bobs Review

June: Bits-n-Bobs Review

I get sent a lot of products each month for review and each month I like to bring you a selection. 1. Cadbury have two new large bars out, great for sharing but of course perfect to eat by yourself! The two new flavours are […]

Heavy Duty, Forged Pots – n – Pans from ProCook

Heavy Duty, Forged Pots – n – Pans from ProCook

I have some pots and pans that I have had for years, they have cooked so many memorable meals for the family and for Mr R and I.  However, sometimes it is nice to get some new kitchen equipment especially when it fits in so well with what you already have.

When I was younger ‘non stick’ was great until it got a bit old or you scratched it and suddenly the coating started peeling and you got little bit of black peppering your food and it wasn’t pepper!  Nowadays there are some great non stick pans on the market, one set of these was sent to me by ProCook to put through their paces.

The Elite Forged Wok is a really useful size especially as I am only making my stir-fries for myself and Mr R.

I also made the pasta sauce for dinner tonight in the wok, the size was perfect for spaghetti pomodoro for two people with a bit left over for lunch the following day!

The Elite Forged 28cm Shallow Casserole pan with a glass lid is the perfect size to make my somewhat famous pasta sauces in.  The surface is completely non stick due to the triple coated superior non-stick release technology allowing me to sauté my onions and celery with the minimal amount of oil.  The garlic didn’t burn and the bacon cooked up nice and crispy.

I always use plastic, silicone or bamboo utensils in my pans which does give them a longer lifespan in the long run.

The glass lid lets you see through without letting all the steam and therefore flavour escape.

Something else I really like to have on hand when I am cooking is a salt and pepper grinder and Pro-Cook sent me their Soft-Touch Electric Salt & Pepper Mills.

Not only are they sleek and lovely to look at, have a little light when you are grinding so you can see where the spices fall but are also so easy to operate with only one hand leaving the other hand to stir.

My kitchen essential collection just got a bit better thanks to ProCook.

I was sent the three items to review.  I was not paid or required to write a positive review. As usual all opinions and photographs are my own.