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Month: June 2016

Strawberries on the Allotment = Strawberry and Coconut Ice Cream!

Strawberries on the Allotment = Strawberry and Coconut Ice Cream!

When you have an allotment it seems that everything starts producing at once making it easy to get overwhelmed.  However this immense movement usually starts from the middle of July. It is nice therefore to have something to collect from the middle to end of […]

St Albans: 1st Annual St Albans Street Festival

St Albans: 1st Annual St Albans Street Festival

St Albans, Hertfordshire does love a good street fair, farmers’ market, french market or Christmas market so it was no surprise to find the St Albans Street Festival was so popular.  The whole town centre was taken over by street food stalls, children’s activities and […]

Harvester Restaurant Review – Perfect Family Meal Out

Harvester Restaurant Review – Perfect Family Meal Out

Even the most intrepid foodie has to have some down time.  Sometimes on a Friday night, when I am too tired to cook, Mr R will suggest we pop into our local Harvester Restaurant for some chicken or ribs and salad bar. Mr R will often have a steak and salad.

I was asked to review a Harvester with The Little People recently to highlight how perfectly suited Harvesters are for a family meal out.  If you don’t want to have loads of children around when you eat there it is better to go a bit later in the evening however from late afternoon to early evening it is a perfect spot to eat out with the children.

When my children were little we used to go to places like Harvester so that they could get used to eating out and behaving in a restaurant environment which I believe had a positive impact on their social eating out skills.  Mr R and I like to treat the grandchildren to Harvester from time to time for that very same reason.

Upon arrival you are taken to your table and the little ones given a goodie bag with crayons and a nice colouring booklet and a packet of sunflower seeds to take home and plant.

The boys didn’t see me write their names on the bags and thought it really cool that the restaurant had known their names!

The children’s meals are easy for the child to pick their own favourites with lots of scope for smaller appetites or fussy eaters.

And of course every meal comes with a trip to the salad bar.  ‘Big’ is quite able to help himself at the salad bar – it is lovely to see him pick healthy choices, his own salad dressing and sprinkle of seeds or bacon bits on top.  He gets a kick of being a ‘grown-up’ and helping himself.

‘Small’ still needs help but loves to hold his salad bowl himself and makes his own decisions as to what may be placed in the bowl.

The Harvester we visited is situated in the Roaring Meg Retail Park in Stevenage, Hertfordshire. The decor was clean and modern with signs giving loads of information.

With the children settled down and eating their supper us adults were free to tuck into ours.  They do fantastic rack of ribs and I had sweet potato fries instead of regular ones.  When they first arrived the fries were cold.  Our waiter quickly brought us new really hot ones and took the cold ones away.

We received great service, the food was good and most importantly the Little People had a great time and we went home ready to have baths and bed as soon as they were home!
Many thanks to Harvester at the Roaring Meg Retail Park.  We were given a voucher towards our meal. As always all opinions are my own as well as the photos.
Grenada: School Time: – They Need Your Help!

Grenada: School Time: – They Need Your Help!

Last year I attended the 2nd Annual Grenada Chocolate Festival and had a really fantastic time. Before I went someone told me that a trip to Grenada would be life changing experience – little did I know how right they were. Whilst we were there […]

Grenada: Sugar and Spice Ice Cream Company

Grenada: Sugar and Spice Ice Cream Company

Most people like ice cream but I LOVE it!! I especially love it homemade or made by small producers – there seems to be so much more depth and flavour to the finished product. After dinner on our first night in Grenada I ordered the three scoops […]

Grenada: Spice Giveaway

Grenada: Spice Giveaway

Cinnamon is one of my favourite ingredients and pretty much enhances any recipe you add it to.  Try to imagine apple pie without cinnamon.  That is almost like thinking of serving rice pudding without nutmeg another of my top favourite ingredients.

Both cinnamon and nutmeg grow wild and abundantly on the West Indian island of Grenada which is also known as The Spice Island.

In the capital city of St Georges almost every street corner has some one trying to sell you their spices or fresh fruits from their little patch of land. 

One of the treats both visual and olfactory (smell) is the spice market in the middle of the square in St Georges.  Flanked on all sides by shops, banks, little cafes you escape the heat for a short while and walk around the market. 

Every stall you linger at the owner will offer to help you and tell you all about the interesting array of spices, jams, syrups etc that they have.  I try to buy from three or four stalls to be fair, 

One stall owner I found at the entrance of the market was Betty.

Betty was patiently grating whole nutmegs into a bowl which she would then put into little plastic bags to sell on her stall which was full of all sorts of local spices and herbs.

Betty was really happy to chat to us never stopping her mammoth task of grating.  The smell of fresh nutmeg was intoxicating.

I brought back nutmeg, cinnamon curls as well as ground ginger, turmeric and more.

If you would like your own little bit of spice heaven then fill in the Rafflecopter form below and I will giveaway a package that I brought back of nutmeg and cinnamon and a little grater too.

I know you will love having these fresh spices in your kitchen as much as I do!

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