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Month: March 2018

Giveaway: Two Beautiful Tins Filled with Chocolate and Love’s Mini Bars.

Giveaway: Two Beautiful Tins Filled with Chocolate and Love’s Mini Bars.

Do you want to win two beautiful tins filled with Chocolate and Love’s Mini Bars? I am very much in favour of good, unadulterated chocolate. Chocolate that melts in your mouth with your eyes closed and your thoughts drifting away to cocoa plantations in far […]

Grenada: like coming home!

Grenada: like coming home!

Visiting Grenada makes me feel like I am coming home! The country of Grenada is a small island but crammed full of experiences, food, spices and amazing places to stay.  This year will be my 4th visit to the island. We will be staying in […]

A Modern Indian Vegan Supperclub with Chef Saurav Nath

A Modern Indian Vegan Supperclub with Chef Saurav Nath

I recently attended a Modern Indian Vegan Supperclub with Chef Saurav Nath.

I am very interested in the current supperclub trend.  Another thing very much in the forefront of modern eating is the move to vegan eating. Put together Chef Saurav’s passionate cooking and veganism and you have a recipe for a great meal.

Personally I am not vegetarian or vegan although we eat far less meat than we used to and most weeks have only two or three meals with meat or fish.  The invitation to attend a modern Indian vegan supperclub to be held in Kensington, London was too good to turn down so off I went into London by train on a cold February evening arranging to meet my friend Manjiri who was coming as my plus one.

Chef Saurav Nath supperclub

I think it is really difficult to produce a top quality vegan meal for 50 people so with an open mind we took our seats and proceeded to enjoy plate after place of innovative dishes.

The evening was a bit late getting started but that was due to diners not arriving on time – something I have noticed in London is that events never start on time.

To start we were served an aperitif of Keera Jhal Jeera (Cucumber & cumin refresher).

These days it seems an Amuse Bouche is obligatory and designed to make your mouth happy! The Gajjar our Suryamukhi ka Shorba (Jerusalem artichoke & Chantilly carrot soup infused with curry leaf, mustard, asafoetida and sunflower seed and served with a leek and kale pakora) did exactly what it was designed to.

Jerusalem artichoke and carrot soup

The soup was tasty and full of flavour and as for the leek and kale pakora these were superb little two bites of texture and flavour.

Now for our Starter.  We were served Texture of Bean Curd (a melting kidney bean & tofu galouti kebab, bean curd & panic breadcrumb croquette, wasabi yogurt, radish salad with an edible coal chutney).

Texture of bean curd

Almost time for our main course – we were just approaching Mid-Course which was called Chukandari Tikka (Tandoori grilled sous vide and braised beetroot tikka flavoured with aromatic garam masala, coconut chutney and mushroom pickle).

Mid course Chukandari Tikka

By this time we were feeling a bit full with so many different flavours and textures but we eagerly awaited our Main course of Wild Garlic Khitchadi (wild garlic & sprouted purple broccoli, Basmati rice khitchadi, fennel & royal cumin flavoured soya dumplings & rhubarb chutney and kiwi raita). I personally thought the dumplings were a bit stodgy but the sauce was amazing!

Main course Wild Garlic Khitchadi

The side dishes were served in bowls for Manjiri and I to share – Turai Portal (courgettes South Indian Style) and Dal Palak (lentils with spinach) and a side dish of Roti (flat bread) just to complete the meal.

Main course side dishes

If it was possible to eat more dessert was Anaanaas Sabudana (pineapple & coconut halwa samosa, sago pudding & gram flour caviar and pomegranate soil).  The halwa was really nice, sweet and crunchy however for me the sago a bit bland.

Anaanaas Sabudana dessert

After a very interesting meal we all melted into the coldness of the evening and made our way home.  It is always a pleasure to experience a different spin on a cuisine.

Chef Saurav Nath has worked at famed Indian restaurants such as Hyatt Regency in New Delhi as well as achieving fame working with Atul Kochhar at Michelin-sgtarred Benares and other fashionable restaurants in Mayfair, London.  His food is a mixture of quality ingredients and imaginative combinations to produce his dishes.

I was a guest at the supper club organised by Humayun Hussain. I was not required to write a positive review.  As usual all opinions and photographs are my own.  No photographs may be reproduced without my written permission.
Recipe: Italian Ragu Sauce with Cirio Tomatoes

Recipe: Italian Ragu Sauce with Cirio Tomatoes

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