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Month: June 2012

BBC GoodFood Show – Guest Post – Woof, Bark, Sniff-Sniff!

BBC GoodFood Show – Guest Post – Woof, Bark, Sniff-Sniff!

Bark, Bark, Sniff, woof woof – Oh sorry I forgot I have to tell you this in English!  My name is Jonty and my human (Heidi) went to the BBC GoodFood Show last week.  She was very keen sighted (I show her how to spot […]

Yeo Valley Visit – Blogger Day

Yeo Valley Visit – Blogger Day

I was recently lucky enough to be invited by Yeo Valley Yoghurt to visit their gardens and farm in Somerset for the day.  That’s a long way to go for a day so I thought I could take the train.  To get the train and […]

Vitamix – the machine of the future from the past!

Vitamix – the machine of the future from the past!

Recently I was invited to an information evening for bloggers at the PR agency Publicasity, in London, who look after the company Vitamix. It was lovely to see other food bloggers again and to meet new ones. I was excited to see this product, having heard about it via their web site and watched a short video presentation. The feature that most caught my eye from the video was the ease at which once could make ice cream effortlessly and quickly but more of that in a bit!

Chef Bev introducing us to the amazing Vitamix Total Nutrition Centre

We were greeted by members of Vitamix who had come over from Ohio in America to introduce us to the Vitamix Total Nutrition Centre. Chef Bev took us through a series of recipes whilst ably assisted by her colleague Jenn.

The picturesque valley of Olmsted Falls, Ohio is where the founder, William G “Papa” Barnard set up the company in 1921.  Several versions later and we have the Vitamix Total Nutrition Centre (TNC). This machine replaces several of the kitchen gadgets and performs up to 50 tasks with the most amazing speed and efficiency whilst the blades can spin up to 240 m.p.h. A very impressive feature is the 7 year guarantee that covers both the Total Nutrition Centre and the Vitamix Professional Series 500.

This machine is the ultimate kitchen appliance that can blend, mix, knead, chop, make smoothies, creamy salad dressings, hot soup and even ice cream. We were treated to some great demonstrations such as a cocktail called ‘Shagalicious’ as we got there and finishing later with a fruity ‘Margareta’! Glad I wasn’t driving!

Shagalicious cocktail on arrival!

Fruity Margarita cocktail

In between Bev showed us how to produce firm favourites in minutes like a roasted red pepper hoummous, hot chocolate fondue (which started to thicken when cooling so could also become a lovely cold treat). 

Chef Bev demonstrating how to make houmus

Ice cream is the simplest thing.  You don’t need to keep a large container in the freezer waiting till you want to make ice cream or heat any milk or creamy ingredients.  You just freeze your fruit such as strawberries or even slices of banana, add to the container of the TNC and presto it becomes a quick and creamy ice cream!  I am looking forward to lots of that in the coming months.

The invitation to the event stated that two lucky attendees would win a Vitamix Total Nutrition Centre to take home!  This was quite an exciting prospect as these retail in John Lewis, Harrods and other good retailers at approximately £450.00!!

We put our business cards into a large glass bowl and Chef Bev picked the first winner’s name.  ‘Heidi Roberts’ –  ooh ooh that’s me I said extremely shocked, especially since Mr R had said “Hope you win one of the machines” as he left for work that morning.

The machine was delivered to my house the following week. How beautiful it looks taking pride of place in my kitchen.

I am still slightly in awe of this machine but have tried a few things already. Saturday morning smoothies in less than 30 seconds – great!

Getting ready for Saturday Smoothies
30 seconds later!

I tried ice cream and it kind of worked – not as thick ice cream as I was expecting but I will try again next weekend.  I froze blueberries, raspberries and strawberries to make a mixed fruit ice cream with double cream.  At the BBC GoodFood Show last weekend Vitamix had a stand selling the machines so I got to have a quick chat with the guys demonstrating coming away with a bit more of an idea.

Next soup – yes from ice cream to soup! Very versatile machine and coming up after the soup is a red pepper houmus.

I am only getting started exploring this new piece of equipment! I am sure I will be reporting back to you again.

BBQ Wednesday

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Simple Sunday Supper

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