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Grenada: Spice Giveaway

Spice Giveaway of Grenada spices.

Cinnamon is one of my favourite ingredients and pretty much enhances any recipe you add it to.  Try to imagine apple pie without cinnamon.  That is almost like thinking of serving rice pudding without nutmeg another of my top favourite ingredients.

Both cinnamon and nutmeg grow wild and abundantly on the West Indian island of Grenada which is also known as The Spice Island.

In the capital city of St Georges almost every street corner has some one trying to sell you their spices or fresh fruits from their little patch of land.

One of the treats both visual and olfactory (smell) is the spice market in the middle of the square in St Georges.  Flanked on all sides by shops, banks, little cafes you escape the heat for a short while and walk around the market.

Every stall you linger at the owner will offer to help you and tell you all about the interesting array of spices, jams, syrups etc that they have.  I try to buy from three or four stalls to be fair,

One stall owner I found at the entrance of the market was Betty.

Betty was patiently grating whole nutmegs into a bowl which she would then put into little plastic bags to sell on her stall which was full of all sorts of local spices and herbs.

Betty was really happy to chat to us never stopping her mammoth task of grating.  The smell of fresh nutmeg was intoxicating.

I brought back nutmeg, cinnamon curls as well as ground ginger, turmeric and more.

If you would like your own little bit of spice heaven then fill in the Rafflecopter form below and I will giveaway a package that I brought back of nutmeg and cinnamon and a little grater too.

I know you will love having these fresh spices in your kitchen as much as I do!

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