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Athens Greece: Impact Hub Community Programme

On my recent trip to Athens I was introduced to Impact Hub based in the Municipal Market of Kipseli.

Impact Hub

In the 1990s quite a few of the supermarkets and market halls closed down in this area.  An EU (European Union) grant enabled the old market building to be renovated and used for the Impact Hub.

The Athenian suburb of Kipseli is made up of around 60% of migrants. The Impact Hub offers a safe place for people especially women to get together, cook together, meet with friends and a place for children to come after school. The Hub offers lessons in the Greek language as well as computers, singing and music lessons.

Impact Hub

One Sunday a month there is a ‘Pop-up Brunch’ with different local restaurants each time.

The Hub is made up of a large open central space with small units lining the two sides.

Impact Hub

Each of these units are occupied by an organisation who use the profits from their sales to put back into the community they support.   Flower Power sells bouquets of flowers and supports projects for people with autism.

Impact Hub

13m2 Gallery supports a mental health initiative.

Ken (pronounced Kep) is a Citizens Advice Bureau offering advice and support to any of the local people who need it such as helping to fill out forms that are in Greek and all matters that may be difficult for the resident to deal with as their native language is not necessarily Greek.

Impact Hub

Wise Greece sells locally produced products like honey, olives, herbs, extra virgin olive oil and sea salt to name just a few.  The shop provides a way for these small producers to get their products to market. The profits from the sales of these products is used to purchase from the producers and used to run a soup kitchen for the needy.  A real circle of support!!

Impact Hub

While we sat and chatted we met a woman originally from The Sudan.  She said she would love to cook with me when I come again!

I am going to try to get back to Athens in the Spring next year to take part in a cooking session with local women.  We will all get together, prepare, cook chat and eat together! What an honour this will be to spend this quality time and precious time with these women.  Women are at the heart of feeding the family and what better way to break down barriers!!  I will keep you informed about the progress and hopefully you will support it. Or why not come along and join in the fun!

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I was not required to write a positive review of Impact Hub.  All opinions and photographs are my own. No photographs may be reproduced in any form without my written permission.

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